A Cappella Kicks Off at Berg’s Got Talent

Music groups across campus introduce themselves and give a performance leading into audition season.

Photo by Ian Clark ’25 || Noteworthy a cappella performs at Berg’s Got Talent

With a new year beginning here at Muhlenberg comes the return of the countless events put on by the campus community. The semester started off with performances from the College’s six a capella groups: Acafellas, Chaimonics, CODA, Dynamics, InAcchord and Noteworthy, and two performance ensembles: Great American Songbook Project (GASP) and Rejoice Gospel Choir at A Capella Council’s annual Berg’s Got Talent concert on Sept. 1. 

GASP member, Zach Kleiman ’25 describes the event, “It’s such a great way to introduce some of the a capella and non-a capella singing groups on campus to first-years while also just being a wonderful amalgamation of music!”


-Danny Milkis ’23

The first thing to stand out about the event, like most a capella concerts, is the energy. Every seat was filled that night, with people even seating themselves on the ledges adorning the walls or even just standing in the back of the Event Space. The incredible audience helped feed into the energy of the performers by continuously cheering them through anything from incredible riffs or missed notes. Noteworthy member Danny Milkis ‘23 said, “It seemed like the energy from the crowd was really positive and responsive… and even though we went last, there was so much excitement about our art and our craft. The levels and energy keeps getting better and better every year, and it’s made me so excited to meet all of the auditioners.”

GASP and Acafellas member Sandy McInerney ‘23 made a point about how they missed performing with their groups, “I was incredibly happy to see how big the turnout was, and I also had so much fun performing with GASP and the Acafellas again.” 

As McInerney mentioned, the feeling of camaraderie between performers in their groups is abundantly clear through their performances as well as their words. Noteworthy member Katie Harris ‘24 brought up a similar feeling. “Everyone is so talented and supportive of each other, and I’m reminded of that every time I get to perform in an event like this.” Kleiman reflected on his solo during a song as well, saying, “I feel very grateful to have performed a solo… In a school full of very talented performers, it’s always nice to contribute to that.” Kleiman likewise emphasizes the supportive nature within and between these performance groups.

McInerney continued, mentioning the current slate of auditions and callbacks happening following Berg’s Got Talent, “[After the event], I got the chance to talk to a few interested individuals, and it made me so excited for auditions… This current audition process is the third one I’ve been through, so I’m always completely blown away by the amount of talented people we have. Right now we’re getting ready for callbacks, and it looks like those are going to be exciting as well! I can’t wait to get our newbies!”

Milkis, in his last year as a part of Noteworthy, is also eager to see newcomers, saying, “it has made me so excited to meet all of the auditioners. I’m really just humbled that so many younger people have taken an interest in a group that has meant so much to me in my four years at Muhlenberg.” Kleiman also commented, “As a result of the event, a ton of people signed up for auditions at the activities fair. As a relatively small, new group, it means so much to us to see a lot of interest from people to join the group… we are so excited to welcome some new members to GASP.”

Berg’s Got Talent marks the beginning of what will inevitably be another incredible semester for a capella and performance groups on campus, especially as new members are on the horizon to join this supportive and talented community.

By Ian Clark

Originally published at The Muhlenberg Weekly – https://muhlenbergweekly.com/arts-culture/a-cappella-kicks-off-at-bergs-got-talent/

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